4 Reasons why you are running out of time to apply for teacher training

Become a teacher and work with great teacher training mentors

1- Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKEs) takes time, but you get paid £175 per week

The knowledge needed to for teacher training and to teach your subject at GCSE and higher will likely have changed since you studied it and you may need to address these gaps. Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses (SKEs) will help you do this, but these take time. SKEs are paid for by the DfE and could be paid £175 each week.

If you wait too long to apply to become a teacher and an SKE is a condition of your application, you may not be able to do it and then not be able to take up your offer to become a teacher.

2 – Teacher training spaces fill up fast in June & July

June and July are the busiest months for recruitment and we will receive over a third of the applications for the year. What this means that places left on the courses can fill up very quickly. so APPLY EARLY. try to submit your application in May and there should still be spaces available.

If you would like to find out how many spaces are left in YOUR subject then get in touch:

01162689734 or [email protected]

3 – School experience opportunities

When you apply to become a teacher, we need to know that you are making an informed decision. Do you know what teachers do on a day to day basis? Are you aware of the realities of teaching – the rewards and the challenges. If you leave your application until July, it is very difficult to get you into a school to let you see what it is really like. So, APPLY NOW and we can help you sort experience days in school.

4 – The application process takes time

When you apply for teacher training, you need to complete a number of sections on UCAS and these can all take time:

  • Personal details
  • Qualifications
  • School and Work Experience
  • Personal Statement
  • References


Fill in the application fully. Ignore what UCAS says and include all of the information that tells us about you. Think about the part-time job you had while studying and the time management skills you developed in that role. Consider the value of the volunteering role you undertook, where you trained other people to complete their roles. Include everything as it might help demonstrate the skills and qualities that we are looking for and if it is not relevant we can ignore it.

Ask your referee ahead before you start the application. references take time to write and if you ask for this once you submit your application, it can be delayed by a number of weeks.

For more details about who to ask to be a referee, read this blog post – Who to use as a referee

Towards the end of the year, lots of people realise that they are running out of time and rush to submit their application to become a teacher. Beat the rush and give yourself the best chance of securing a place on the course that will help you become the best teacher you can be.

If you are ready to apply for teacher training, here is the link that you need – APPLY FOR TEACHER TRAINING

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