9 Reasons why NOW is a great time to apply to train as a teacher …

one of our mentors helping you to train as a teacher

I believe that NOW is a great time to train as a teacher and here are 9 reasons for this.

1. Teaching is incredibly rewarding

As a teacher, you learn something new everyday, you challenge yourself, help people and make the world a better place. Read this blog post to find out all the things you should know when considering teacher training.

2. People now realise just how important teachers are

With the current lockdown, people are completely aware of how important teachers are, how skilled we are and what an incredible thing it is to dedicate yourself to helping chance peoples lives.

3. Teaching has a secure future and stable income

Even when the schools are closed, teachers are still employed and continue to make a a difference.

4. You have time to explore teacher training and apply

While you are at home you can attend webinars, meet trainees and ask questions. Once you know that teaching is for you, you will have the time to really excel on your application. To book a webinar, click here

5. You can secure your place before even considering giving in your notice

Teacher training does not start until September and so you have time to consider all of your options, apply and see if you get accepted before even having to consider having that conversation with your boss. You have a guaranteed outcome when you do finally hand in your notice.

6. You can develop yourself and really make a difference to others

As teachers, we are always learning, developing and getting better. It is incredible to see how just when you think you have the hang of things, another student, with a new challenge comes along and you have the chance to learn more, be better and make an even greater difference…

7. SKEs pay you to address subject knowledge gaps

Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses (SKEs) are available in most subjects and you can complete these online. This means you can be filling in your subject knowledge gaps while on lockdown. You even get paid £200 each week for doing this. Get paid to learn more about your passion – can’t say fairer than that. To read more about SKEs, click here

8. Bursaries of up to £26,000 paid tax free, while you train to be a teacher

While you are train as a teacher, you could be paid a tax-free bursary of up to £26,000. Get paid to become someone who changes lives!! To find out more about finance or see what bursary you could get, click here

9. Our Trainees KNOW they are making a difference

Our trainees feel strongly that even while they train as a teacher, they are doing something that really makes a difference to the individuals they work with as well as improving the community. Click HERE to read what one of our Trainee Teachers had to say about this.

Children get one start to life and the current situation makes us realise just how important these little people are. We get the chance to make it the best start to life and help them develop the skills to go on to have a really successful and fulfilling life.

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We offer Core courses through the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT and we also accredit a range of School Direct Courses with Rushey Mead School Direct, Achieve with TELA and Ash Field Special School.

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