Are you working in Accounting, Finance, Mortgages or banking? Are you ready for something really rewarding… you could be teaching!

The government has just announced how they will entice highly qualified mathematicians to train as a maths teacher. They are providing a range of financial incentives to encourage you into the role. On top of this, there are opportunities to accelerate your progress and move up the career ladder quickly, significantly increasing your income. In year 3 you could be earning over £40,000…

Now that, hopefully, I have your attention, let me break down the numbers for you. The government will pay you £20,000 to train as a maths teacher. Then, they will give you a £7500 bonus in year 3 and another £7500 in year 5. We have all seen the government’s adverts saying that teachers earn up to £60,000 and understandably we are all sceptics. No teachers earns £60,000, to teach. I will go through the payment system and show you what you could be earning and more crucially, how quickly you could reach this.

You will begin on a salary of roughly £24k.

Main pay scale teachers go up to £34k

Upper pay scale teachers go up to £38,500

TLRs (teaching and learning responsibilities) add up to another £14k

Leadership salaries increase up to £109,000

CEOs for MATs (Multi Academy Trusts) can earn north of £250,000

Hopefully, you are now beginning to see that you can earn a good wage whilst teaching. Let me given you an example of how this could work for you. 2 of our graduates have just taken over running their maths departments in their 3rd year of teaching. Here is the math:

Basic salary – £28,000

TLR – up to £14,000

Year 3 / 5 bonus £7500

So, in the third year of teaching, you have the potential to be earning over £40,000. What’s even better… you get to do a really interesting job that is different every day. You are making a difference in countless lives and go home feeling like you do something truly rewarding.

Sound interesting…?

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