Big changes in teacher training that mean that you could apply NOW

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Big Changes In Teacher training

There have been lots of big changes in teacher training that affect whether or not you could apply and chances are this could change the way that you approach it…

If you are ready to apply now and get into teaching, this is the link that you need.

Now here is the information that will help you decide how to go about applying:

UCAS Application costs

The cost for actually applying for teacher training through UCAS is only £1. Originally the cost to apply through UCAS for teacher training was £24. Now this should not be a deciding factor as to whether or not you apply. However, if you want to apply but are not sure if now is the right time, this removes the risk and hopefully shows that it is worth trying. You never know, you just might get on the course…


Skills Tests – You are no longer capped at three tries

One of the most impactful big changes in teacher training was with the Skills Tests. These have long been a challenge for teacher training although not because we do not expect our trainees to be fluent in literacy and numeracy. The Skills Tests are designed in a way that you can only prepare for them by actually taking them. Whether this is online practice tests or the actual tests, you need to attempt them to see the realities. For example, you have a mental maths test which you complete using headphones and once the clock starts rolling it will not stop. A number of trainees find that they are simply not used to working out the answers, mentally, within a limited time. However, once you understand what the test is really like, you can work towards the effective strategies that allow you to be successful.

1 really helpful tip is to use the resources available to you. You have a whiteboard and if there are areas of numeracy (or literacy) that you struggle with, WRITE THEM DOWN. Get them out of your head (and free up your working memory), then you can focus on the question, rather than trying to remember key facts. So, if it is your times tables that you struggle with, write them down. Conversions the issue? write examples… That way you can relax and focus on each question.

This is why the 3 limit cap was not fair. It takes take a couple of tries to really familiarise yourself with the test structure and context. In the past, you had 3 attempts and you would be looked out. This is no longer the case and you can attempt the test as many times as needed.

We also offer a range of levels of support to our potential trainees:

  • we offer literacy and numeracy skills tests sessions where we help you learn methods for key areas that you struggle with
  • We work one to one with trainees due to come on the course to develop the skills to pass the tests

For more information about how we can help, come and see us – here is the link to our open events.

School Experience – removal of the 10-day requirement

There is no longer a requirement for you to have completed 10 days of school experience before you can apply. We still need you to demonstrate that you are aware of the realities of teaching and that you are making an informed decision to train as a teacher, but that does not mean completing 10 days as a minimum.

We have joined with the Leicester Teaching School, to pay for a Teacher Taster Programme. This provides opportunities to come into Rushey Mead Academy and see what really happens in the classroom and find out what it takes to teach. Details about the Teacher Taster Programme can be found here.

Degree Eligibility – You do not need a degree in the subject that you wish to teach…

This is another one of the big changes in teacher training and always a contentious one that will divide opinion, You do NEED a degree, but it does not need to be in the subject that you wish to teach. You still need A degree, but it could be in a different subject. What we look for is a good level of subject knowledge. This subject knowledge could come from a degree, A Levels, equivalent qualifications or years of experience. You may have completed a degree in Engineering and want to teach Maths or Physics. You may have an A Level in English but a degree in Botany. If you have the required subject knowledge, then we want to hear from you.

If you have any questions about your suitability to teach then please get in touch. We hold regular drop-in sessions that allow you to find out exactly what you need to do. you can both those here.

You can apply for teacher training without a degree (kind of…)

Very few people know that there are professional qualifications that are considered equivalent to a degree, but these could be used in lieu of an actual degree. For example, an accountant who has completed their ACCA qualifications are in some cases qualified to the equivalent of a PhD level. This actually supercedes the need for an undergraduate degree.

If you want any help in finding out if you are eligible for teacher training then get in touch.

Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses (SKEs) help address subject knowledge gaps

There is a range of courses that are specifically designed to help you address any gaps that you might have in knowledge knowoledge, SKEs. The course is paid for and while on the course, you can be paid up to £200 each week. They run from 8 weeks up to 28 weeks, possibly longer in the case of languages as you are allowed to complete 2… They can be delivered face to face, purely online or a blended version of the 2. SKEs are designed to be completely flexible so that they really are a useful tool rather than an obstacle to training as a teacher. All of these courses are, of course, subject to eligibility. Normally you need to be applying to an eligible course and be either a Home Student or EU Student. We do not know how Brexit will affect this, moving forward. This is a really big change in teacher training and we find over 50% of our cohort, each year will complete an SKE to upskill themselves. Getting paid to develop your subject knowledge – not a bad idea…

If you would like more information about SKEs the click here to read our article.

Trainee Teachers receive a bursary of up to £28,000, tax-free, while training

Over half of our cohort is made of career changers and we understand this adds a real richness to our programme – the perfect blend of youth and experience. We also understand it means you may well have responsibilities that most university students do not. You may have mortgages, dependents, financial commitments that need honouring and this is where the funding comes in. If you are applying for a shortage subject (click here to read a post that explains in more detail), then you could receive a bursary of up to £28,000, tax-free. This is one of the big changes in teacher training that allows many more people to consider this. The bursary is paid to you in 10 equal instalments across the training year (October – July) and can really help with your financial commitments.

As you can see there have been some really big changes in teacher training and hopefully, they will make it easier to get the right candidates in our classrooms, training our children and changing lives. After all, isn’t that what it’s about?

If you are ready to apply and get into teaching, here is the link that you need, however, should you need any more help then please do not hesitate to get in touch. My great team is on hand to answer any questions that you have and help you get into teaching.

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