So, why train as a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages?

Modern Foreign Languages teacher

‘Monolingualism is the illiteracy of the 21st century’ British Academy, August 2019 Never has there been a greater need to provide our future generations with the tools to broaden horizons, develop cultural awareness and maintain a competitive edge on the international stage. A teacher of Modern Foreign Languages does not simply teach. Here at the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT we provide … Read More

Trainee Voice – Training as a Science Teacher

Training as a science teacher

Support Training as a Science Teacher – the support we receive from the SCITT as trainees is fantastic, from enquiring about getting into teaching and attending question and answer sessions, to the interview process (can you believe the interview process was actually enjoyable and you felt the support throughout the whole day!), and into the course itself. The course is … Read More

Trainee Voice – A trainee teacher answers your questions

Leicestershire Secondary SCITT

– What do potential candidates need to know about the SCITT? ​The Leicestershire Secondary SCITT is the BEST option out of ALL of the training routes. First of all, the SCITT route allows for maximum time in schools. Secondly, the wide range of experience that is gained from multiple placements; two main placements along with sixth form and specialist schools, which contribute to … Read More

Trainee Voice – My Journey

Trainee Teacher Voice My Journey

My Journey I wake up every morning, brain a little achy, but eager to begin my day I’m a learning athlete A runner In the midst of an educational marathon Just passing the 18 mile marker, knowing I’m getting closer. The finish line is not far My efforts will get me there. Not long to go I have company on … Read More

Training as a teacher through a SCITT

Learning how to teach in a school, through a SCITT

Training as a teacher is an amazing journey and I believe that a SCITT may be the best way for YOU to train. SCITTs are set up by schools to create the teachers that schools need by letting you learn in the classroom, and could be the best route for you when training to become a teacher. What is a … Read More

Teacher Training Conference – Teach Smarter Not Harder

Teach Smarter Not Harder Conference 2020

Teaching is an incredible profession, but it is always changing. So how do we make sure that we ‘Teach Smarter, not Harder’…? We are passionate about teaching, about research, about changing lives. But, changing the lives of children should not come at the expense of the teachers, and so we are constantly looking at ways to do the job better, … Read More

Changing Career to Teaching – my biggest regret…

A teacher surrounded by excited students

My biggest regret… I spent a number of years deciding IF I wanted to get into teaching and my biggest regret is waiting so long… I get to be part of something bigger, something that has meaning, that changes lives. I did not feel that when working in management, running a business or dealing with more than £10,000,000 turnover… I … Read More

Friday Professional Learning Sessions at the SCITT

Training as a teacher with the SCITT

One of our wonderful DT trainees created a visual to show what it is like learning the teaching theory and pedagogy, on our course at the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT Expert Speakers – Fabulous facilitators come to work with our trainees from Tom Bennet, Tom Sherrington to Ben Newmark as well as local specialists who truly understand the local school system … Read More

What is teaching really like?

What is teacher training really like…? Exciting, varied, different, dynamic, supportive and so much more… This image was drawn by one of our amazing DT trainees to capture what it is like working with the SCITT. “You’ll never feel alone” I love this phrase and it is so true… “you’ll never feel alone”. The SCITT team knows each and every … Read More