How does the SCITT course work?

How does the teacher training course work…? Our course is split into 4 key areas that develop you into an expert teacher: 1) Working with your Lead Subject Tutor 2) Professonal Learning sessions 3) School Placements 4) PGCE1) you work with our amazing subject specialists, who are on hand to show what it means to be a great teacher in … Read More

What subject can I Teach.. .?

A teacher surrounded by excited students

What subject can I teach…? I get asked this question a lot and I instantly have to say that that is the WRONG question. If you are choosing to train in a subject because you have the right qualifications, then you are going to struggle when the workload builds. What you should be asking is “what subject am I really … Read More

UCAS Teacher Training Application – How to Write a Good Personal Statement

Trainee Teacher talking to students

Teacher Training – how to write a good Personal Statement. This is a big opportunity to sell yourself, so really take some time & write a good personal statement when applying for teacher training. If you are looking for a school-based provider then click here. Below I have included some things we look for. This is not an exhaustive list … Read More