Friday Professional Learning Sessions at the SCITT

Training as a teacher with the SCITT

One of our wonderful DT trainees created a visual to show what it is like learning the teaching theory and pedagogy, on our course at the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT

Expert Speakers –

Fabulous facilitators come to work with our trainees from Tom Bennet, Tom Sherrington to Ben Newmark as well as local specialists who truly understand the local school system and how to develop you into a highly effective teacher.

Peer Support –

Getting together with the cohort is wonderful and there is plenty of support around. Whether you are working as a whole group or in your subject groups, there are always other trainees around to offer support, talk through your experiences or offer ideas.

Supportive SCITT Team –

The SCITT team gets to know every one of the trainees so they can help us get the experience that we need. Someone is always on hand, whether on the phone, email or dropping in for a chat. Whether the issue is big or small, there is always someone there.

Wellbeing –

The SCITT put on an extensive wellbeing programme so that we can learn how to take care of ourselves. This includes yoga, mindfulness sessions, inductions and support in the gym, 2 Wellbeing Coaches being on hand and free 24hr support and counselling. If we want to be able to care of others, we must keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Learning Interleaved with Teaching Practice –

We get together each Friday to develop our practice at the SCITT base, or in one of our partner schools. This means the theory is drip-fed throughout your course, allowing you to apply this in your classroom before moving on to the next area, rather than delivering it as a block and expecting you to remember everything.

Current Research-Led Practice –

The SCITT focuses on really up to date teaching practices so that we know everything we need to in order to really help our students. We learn about the learning process and how the memory works, so we can embed this in our teaching and deliver highly effective lessons. Some of the areas we learn about:

– Metacognition
– Spaced Practice
– Retrieval Practice
– Interleaving
– Cognitive Load Theory
– Direct Instruction
– Dual Coding

In addition to learning how people learn, we also learn how great teachers work with students to develop relationships, plan lessons, build knowledge, use questioning, assess what has been learned and much more…

If you want to find out more about teacher training or the SCITT, then book to attend an information event, here