How does the SCITT course work?

How does the teacher training course work…?

Our course is split into 4 key areas that develop you into an expert teacher:

1) Working with your Lead Subject Tutor
2) Professonal Learning sessions
3) School Placements
4) PGCE1) you work with our amazing subject specialists, who are on hand to show what it means to be a great teacher in your subject.

They build on the teaching pedagogy you learn and show you how you teach to an incredible level in your subject area.

They have built a specialised programme that develops you into a powerful, skilled and knowledgeable teacher that has a great impact.

2) Professional Learning sessions shown you the basics of teaching – how to assess, use questioning, plan lessons, deal with behaviour and much, much more…

You learn all the skills needed to teach and then you take these into school, observe teachers demonstrating them before having a go yourself.

3) SCITT is all about schools (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) and so you get extensive time in schools. You watch your expect mentors deliver lessons and together unpick what it means to do the job. Then you have a go and begin honing your skill as a practising teacher.

4) PGCE – alongside your QTS, you also earn your PGCE.

you learn how the theory of teaching impacts on your practice, you become research informed and learn the skills that allow you to blend theory and practice to become a really impactful teacher.

We are really proud of what we do and know it works. Our trainees tell us so, our schools tell us so, 100% employment in the last 4 years tells us so…

To find out more, book to meet and chat to trainees, to teachers, to the SCITT team and find out why we are all so excited to do what we do.

If you are ready to apply, then here is the link that you need