I want to teach but my degree is not in the right subject. What can I do…?

Are you interested in teaching but not sure that your degree is relevant?

Subject knowledge enhancement courses (SKE) address gaps in subject knowledge. Paid for by the NCTL and there is even a bursary, paid to you.

Who might need to complete an SKE?
  • – You want to teach Physics, but your degree was 20 years ago.
  • – you want to teach Computer Sciences having completed a Business / ICT / IT degree.
  • – you want to teach languages, with a degree in French. You could complete an SKE in Spanish
  • – you have a degree in English Language, but not literature.
  • – you have a strong A Level in the subject you want to teach, however, the degree is in a different subject.

SKEs can benefit many trainees

Delivery -8 weeks up to 28 weeks, full time or part time, face to face, online or a blended version of the two.

Costs / funding -no cost to you, Paid bursary up to £175 per week.

Which Subjects?








You can only access an SKE once you have an offer from a training provider. Remember though, this is about improving existing knowledge, not having a degree in PE and saying I fancy teaching maths. You need a solid base to build on (A LEVEL minimum).

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