Train to Teach with Leicestershire Secondary SCITT

A trainee teacher smiling at the camera, working with a student to make bath bombs
Why train with the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT?

1) The SCITT provides hands-on training

School-based training gives you maximum time in schools and helps you accelerate your progress as you get into teaching (over 30 weeks in schools) in week 2 you will be on your first placement. But don’t worry, you are not expected to teach until you are ready. When training with the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT, you will spend 4 days at your school and 1 day at the SCITT (or University of Leicester) learning the theory that all great teachers need to know. For a specific overview of the programme, come and see us. Book here

2) We are teachers- so we know what you are going through and can offer practical guidance

This means when you are having challenges, we understand and can offer practical advice and strategies. Our partnership of schools offers such great practice that there is a wealth of experience and expertise at your disposal. Everything you need to become a great teacher and really make a difference.

3) Earn QTS and also a PGCE with the University of Leicester

On our course, you will earn QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and you will also gain a PGCE from the University of Leicester. This comes with up to 90 Masters Level credits, providing the perfect platform to earn your full Masters.

4) Support at every stage

We know how amazing but also challenging this year is. We also know how best to support you. The Leicestershire Secondary SCITT team gets to know each and every trainee, your background, motivations, experiences and how to help you excel at teaching. In Schools, you will then have your Subject Mentors and ITT Coordinators. Another layer of support that we are very proud of is our Lead Subject Tutors. These are the best teachers from across our entire network, who will be your expert across the year. Because they teach, they can invite you into their class to show you how the theory applies in practice. Each year our trainees rave about how great these sessions are and how powerful it is seeing theory demonstrated for them to see. We have built in a number of ‘Wellbeing Days’, to help you catch up and offer any personalised support required.

5) Our training programme adapts to meet your needs

The Leicestershire Secondary SCITT awards its own QTS, which means we are free to adapt our programme to meet your needs. We evaluate our sessions to identify any areas that would benefit our cohort and then utilise the best teacher across the city and county to offer you the highest quality training.

6) 5 placements across the year – KS2-KS5 + SEND

You will get an incredibly holistic experience with the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT. You complete 2 extended placements in secondary schools working with amazing mentors to develop your craft. In addition to these, you complete 3 more placements in a primary, sixth form and a special school. This means you complete the course understanding exactly what a teacher does and how to succeed in the classroom. You also understand where the students are coming from and how primary school prepares them. You work with sixth form teachers, showing you how to really stretch and challenge even the brightest of students. You also work with incredible teachers from special needs and behavioural schools to understand how to support students who have the most pronounced needs. For a specific overview of the programme, come and see us. Book here

All of this means you start your NQT year as prepared as possible.

7) Great employment opportunities

Throughout the year with the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT, we will provide training in how to secure your NQT post. We will teach you how to develop your interview techniques and will provide a range of opportunities to practice these techniques in front of city heads, the people who will be deciding who their school will employ. Our employment rates are incredibly high, well above the national average.

8) Ongoing training in your NQT and RQT years

We don’t forget you when you graduate. You are now a part of the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT family and we continue to work with you and your schools for the next few years. We offer further training on our NQT Teaching and Learning course and the OTP (Outstanding Teacher Programme)

9) Rapid progression opportunities

Due to the quality of the programme we deliver at the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT and the ongoing training that we provide, our trainees make rapid progress in their careers. We have numerous graduates who have become head of their department in their 2nd and 3rd years. Many of the mentors you work with will be SCITT graduates. In fact, 80% of our trainees work in our partnership, meaning there is an abundance of support to constantly help you develop.

10) Our Lead School is Rushey Mead Academy (top 5% of schools in the country)

Rushey is constantly looking to lead the way in developing best practice and in helping teachers develop the craft to really impact on the students that we teach. As we are based at Rushey, we have this expertise on our doorstep. However, Rushey is only 1 school in our amazing partnership. We also work with Babington, Beaumont Leys, Soar Valley, Fullhurst, Manor High, New College, English Martyrs, Bosworth, Crown Hills, Lutterworth High School and a great number of other schools. This means that we have the greatest and most skilled teachers helping to mould you into the teacher that will have the biggest impact.

11) Mixed and diverse cohorts

Our cohorts are made up of both career changers and recent graduates. This means you will be working with other trainees with the greatest knowledge but also real-world experiences. We believe this combination offers a real richness to our course and will really enhance the support you receive as you progress through the year. For a specific overview of the programme, come and see us. Book here

12) Bursaries of up to £28,000

When you train, you can receive bursaries of up to £28,000. These are tax-free and will be paid in 10 instalments across the year. That should help cover your living costs and allow you to focus on becoming the best teacher possible.

13) Leicester Teaching School

The SCITT is part of the Leicester Teaching School, who are responsible for delivering CPD to teachers from the city and county. This means that we have all the skills to help you become the best teacher you can be.

14) Partnership with the University of Leicester

When you become a member of the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT you also become a full member of the University of Leicester. The PGCE is delivered by the university tutors. You have access to all of their resources – the LRC, Welfare, Student Support and everything any other trainee would do.

We really believe that our course offers the best of both worlds – rich and varied school-based training with the academic rigour of the PGCE through the University of Leicester. We have the skills and expertise to help you become a great teacher that can change lives…

If you want to make a difference, then apply now on UCAS – provider code L33

We also offer a range of information events, throughout the year, to help you find out more and navigate the application process. For more details go to or if you are ready to apply, click here .