Routes into Teaching… what are they and which one is for you?

Routes into teaching SCITT School Direct PGCE University led

There is still a lot of confusion around the different routes into teaching and I will try to add some clarity. There are numerous routes into teaching – SCITT, School Direct, University-led, School Direct Salaried, Assessment Only, Teach First to name but a few. Most training providers allow you to gain both QTS and PGCE.

The main 3 routes in teaching are:


SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) this is one of the school-based routes. It is a programme built around lots of time in school, working with practising teachers and seeing exactly how they teach. The theory is interwoven across the year with these session taking place one day each week (usually – although some providers will differ slightly). This results in a drip-feed effect where you learn the pedagogical theory and then follow this up the next day by seeing this in practice in a school.

We offer 5 placements across the year. 2 of these are long placements in secondary schools and a further 3 experiential placements. We place you in a primary school, secondary school and SEND school, usually for a week. So, when you reach your NQT classroom, you understand where students come from (primary), where they are going to (Sixth form) and can support students who have additional needs (SEND).

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SCITT and School Direct will normally be linked to a University who provide you full access to their facilities.

School Direct

School Direct – Like SCITTs, have a large emphasis on time in schools. You will see teachers honing their craft, modelling exactly what a teacher does. On any such course, you will follow a programme designed by either a SCITT or University which again will allow you to gain QTS and PGCE.

University-Led (PGCE)

University-led – This route allows you to spend more time in lectures, understanding the theory behind the pedagogy, exploring the academic research behind education, before finally putting this into practice in schools. Again this route also allows you to gain QTS and PGCE.

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