Teacher Training Programme with the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT

Teacher Training Programme with the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT
  • Supportive
  • Bespoke
  • A real alternative to University-Led PGCE, suitable for EVERYONE
  • 5 placements – Primary, Secondary 1, Sixth Form, Special School, Secondary 2
  • Earn QTS and PGCE

This article will tell you everything that you need to know about our teacher training programme and how we train great teacher at the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT. Everything we do is built around a belief that we are all on a different journey. What one trainee needs is very different to another and so our programme is built around flexibility. Each trainee follows a bespoke programme tailored to their needs.

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We award our own QTS on our Teacher Training Programme (but you also get PGCE)

As a SCITT, we award our own QTS which puts us in a rather unique position in teacher training. We can adapt our teacher training programme to address any needs that our trainees have. Whereas other courses (School Direct, University-Led and others) need to follow a central programme, we can remain flexible.

Development at your own pace on our Teacher Training Programme

We are a school-based teacher training route. This means our teacher training programme is built around time in the classroom with you working alongside practising teachers. You observe them, support them, complete some small group work, begin and finish the lesson with a starter or plenary. After this, you may do some team teaching and then, when you are ready, you take over some class teaching responsibilities.

What this means, is someone with years of experience in school may start teaching very quickly, because they are ready. However, if you are coming from another career or straight from university, then you may not start until later on. You start teaching when YOU are ready. We are able to plan for this as our programme has much more time in schools than many other routes.

The University of Leicester PGCE currently offers 120 days in school. Our teacher training programme offers 186 days in school. With that extra time, you have the opportunity to develop at YOUR pace. Try new things and see what works, before taking on more lessons. By Christmas, you are teaching 7 lessons each week. By the end of the programme, you will be teaching 12 lessons. This is about half a teaching timetable.

Placements in School on your Teacher Training Programme

On your teacher training programme, you will complete 5 placements. This allows you to understand the journey the students take from Primary, through their Secondary Education and into Further Education. In addition to this, you also complete a specialist placement in a school that caters for students with additional needs.

  • Week 2 – Primary Placement
  • Week 5 – Secondary Phase 1
  • Week 18 – Sixth Form Placement
  • Week 20 – Special School Placement
  • Week 21 – Secondary Phase 2

When you reach your NQT classroom, you understand where your students’ needs and have a bank of strategies to help you really make a difference.

Understanding the Pedagogy behind great teaching – progression through the teacher training programme

While you need time in schools to learn from your Class Teachers, Mentors, Lead Mentors and ITT Coordinators, you also need the time to understand the theory behind what teachers do. To do this, you spend time working with great teachers, but in a dedicated space where we can focus on developing our skill. Let’s take questioning as an example of pedagogy that you learn. In our teacher training area, you learn from practising teachers, exactly what they do to achieve great results in the classroom. They will show you, step by step, how to do these things, so that you understand what you need to do. You do this as a whole cohort in a Core Learning Session, meaning you see a wide breadth of ideas and how it applies across all Secondary subjects.

After the Core Learning Session, you have an advanced session with your Lead Subject Tutor (LST), an expert in your subject, who shows you exactly what it means to be a great teacher in your subject. They build on the learning from your previous session and show you how to develop this specifically in your subject. You explore the concept- What does it mean to be an expert in your subject? This is then linked to the area of pedagogy that you were learning. So, what does high-quality questioning look like in your subject? How do you utilise Bloom’s taxonomy (or other approaches) to extend learning, ensure understanding and deepen thinking?

Following your session with your LST, you return to your placement and the next 4 days will focus on the same area of pedagogy. When you observe a range of teachers, you will consider how they use questioning to develop the students understanding. You will have a go, yourself. In the starters, plenaries, group work or even full lessons. You will gradually build up your experience so that you become confident in that area of pedagogy. The following week, you will look at another area of pedagogy. Image it like a jigsaw puzzle. Each week, you are given another piece of the puzzle. You learn, observe and try the approaches yourself and then look at the next area.

Below is the overview of our Core Learning Programme, which shows you all of the placements and training days.


There is a lot of support on the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT Teacher Training Programme

Teacher training is exciting, inspiring, joyful and tiring. It is hard work but so rewarding. As experts in our field, we know what support is needed when you are learning how to teach and how to change lives. Our teacher training programme has been designed to challenge you, to stretch you, to inspire you but also to support you.

This is the Trainee Support Model that we have designed to demonstrate how we are there to help at each stage of your journey.


One of the real benefits of completing a School-Based Teacher Training Programme is that you are working with practising teachers. That means we understand what you are going through, we are up to date with what really happens in the classroom, you can come and watch us teaching and we can share valuable guidance and advice that really works in the classroom.

The SCITT Management Team are on hand to help you.

Ashley, our Deputy Programme Director, is a hugely experienced History Teacher. He is the Lead Subject Tutor for History, SLE, History Teacher and Lead Teacher for Teaching and Learning at Rushey.

Craig, our SCITT Development Manager, is a trained Primary School Teacher, who was a Subject Leader for PE and Computing before moving to secondary to teach PE and work with trainee teachers.

Davinder, Our Executive Programme Director, is a Psychology and Geography Teacher with many years of experience. She has many years of experience in a Senior Leadership Team (SLT) in schools, an inspector for Ofsted and has delivered teacher training programmes for many years.

In addition to the Management Team, we have our Admin Team on hand to help you with all of your queries and issues. Huzaifah is an integral part of our team and they will ensure that your issues are addressed quickly. We also have Hema and Jen working in the background making sure everything is ready for you.

When you are out on placement, you work with a Mentor, ITT Coordinator and range of teachers. They model best practice, help you understand how to improve your teaching and generally show you what it means to be an effective teacher who changes lives.

You have the team of Lead Subject Tutors (LSTs), each of them is an expert in a different subject. They show you how to develop your teaching and even invite you into their classroom to see them in their element. We also have our Lead Mentors, who come to your placement schools to work with you, your mentor or ITT Coordinator to ensure that you have all of the support needed.

As well as these benefits, trainees that apply directly to the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT automatically become members of the University of Leicester. It is the University tutors that deliver your PGCE component of the course. As a member of the University of Leicester, you are entitled to exactly the same support as any other student – welfare, financial support, LRC, housing and all other areas.

All of these parts of our course come together to provide the experiences needed to develop into a confident teacher that is ready to help change the lives of the children we work with.

Extensive support throughout your teacher training programme and beyond

The Teacher Training Programme that you complete during your ITT year is only 1 part fo the support and training that you receive from the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT. We actually support you across a 5-year programme.

Pre-ITT Year

During your Pre ITT year, we support you as you navigate the UCAS application process. We guide you through how to apply, how to prepare for your interview and how to address any gaps in your preparation that could create challenges during your teacher training programme. We help you identify any subject knowledge that you might benefit from gaining and work with you to learn the required information. We can support you on a Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course (SKE) and we can also help you prepare for the Skills Tests.

Year 1

You receive extensive support during your ITT teacher training programme year, as detailed above. Our programme is tailored to your needs and so every trainee has a different course that develops at your own pace.

Year 2 – 5

We were set up to provide the highest quality teachers to the schools from the city and county and, as such, we look at all ways of supporting you. We offer you free training to help continue your development. In year 2 (or 3) we put in a free NQT course that builds on the skills that you developed during your ITT teacher training programme. Following that, we offer you the chance to complete the Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) and Power of Coaching (POC). Both of these will continue your development and help you identify how to have an impact while reducing workload.

In addition to all of these opportunities, we offer ongoing support. Our Lead Mentors and SCITT Management Team are on hand to help our Alumni with any issues they may have. We are also hosting a Learning Conference called ‘Teach Smarter, Not Harder’ delivered by Tom Sherrington. This conference will focus on the latest research and also what Cognitive Science shows works in the classroom. Tom will then guide us through ‘10 Techniques to Deliberately Practice’. After this, you will have time to identify how this would work in your subject and in your school context. So, on Monday, you will return to school full of ideas to try that will reduce workload and increase impact.

The opportunities are also available to the partners from our schools that are supporting you on your placements. By ensuring that you work with the most experienced and skilled teachers, Mentors and ITT Coordinators, we ensure that you receive the highest level of guidance, support and modelling to help you become the best teacher you can be. All of this gets you ready to take on your own classroom, feel prepared for whatever teaching throws at you and ready to change lives…

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