Trainee Support Model – the support you receive when training with the SCITT

Trainee Support Model
Trainee Support Model

One of the biggest concerns people offer when talking to us is “will I have support when training to be a teacher?”. Our trainee support is extensive and we created this model to show you the different layers of support that will be available to you when you train with the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT.

A School-Based Teacher Training route means that you will be working with teachers and that is vital for you to have valuable, up to date and real-world experience available to you as you begin your journey into teaching. Remember, this is a journey and we will not expect you to be a great teacher (or even start teaching at all) at the beginning. If you come in as a great teacher, then why would you be doing the training at all? No, we expect you to come in with potential.

We will explore your potential at your interview, look for the skills and qualities that will make a great teacher – the ability to communicate, desire to help students, resilience, adaptability and a willingness to reflect learn and improve. Then, it is our job to help you start that journey, attempt things, see what works, make mistakes (a lot of them) and learn from them. In order to allow this, you will need support and that is EXACTLY what you get.

Trainee Support from the SCITT Management Team

We are teachers. That means you can come and see us practising what we preach, ask us challenging questions, come to us when you are having difficulties and then get really valuable and impactful advice. One of the biggest challenges is encouraging people to open up. To you, a problem may feel like the end of the world and you may be very concerned about it. But by coming to us, we can reassure you that it is normal, provide you the right steps and let you know exactly how you move forward. Click here to read more about the team.

SCITT Admin Team

Huzaifah and Graham are on hand to help you with your questions, queries, systems and generally any issue you have. We understand that taking on a new challenge can be challenging and stressful and we have built our systems around providing you with the bespoke support needed to help you be really successful.

Lead Subject Tutors (LSTs)

Our Lead Subject Tutors are some of the most experienced teachers from our entire partnership. They will be your specialist, mentor, guide and all-round expert on your teacher training course. They will build on your Core Learning Sessions and show you exactly what it means to be a great teacher in your specific subject. You can go and watch them teach, see how they have honed their craft over many years of practice and find out what you need to know to become a powerful and impactful teacher who changes lives.

Lead Mentors

Our Lead Mentors work in schools 1 day a week to help upskill you, support your mentor or ITT Coordinator and are on hand to jump on whenever any challenges arise. They allow you to get any external support needed and ensure that everyone involved in your training has the skills, knowledge and support that will help you become an excellent teacher.

Trainee Support Team – Schools

When you are on school placement, you will have extensive trainee support. You will work with a mentor who will carefully build your programme around your development. That means you move forwards when you are ready. Some trainees may begin teaching after a few weeks, others may not until the second half-term. However, because you move at the pace that you are ready for, you can embed the practices and skills into your teaching as you go and really make great progress. Now we will challenge you, but we will be there to support you on the journey, as well. In addition to your mentor, you will work with a range of teachers and see how they all differ. You will learn from each of these experts and see how they adapt the lessons to meet the needs of their students. The ITT Coordinator is there to ensure you have all the support needed in school and will liaise with the SCITT to ensure all elements are in place.

University of Leicester

When you apply to train with the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT (APPLY HERE), we automatically enrol you with the University of Leicester. They deliver your PGCE component and are there to offer you even more trainee support. So, you receive the academic support that you would expect, but also the welfare support, guidance with housing, access to the LRC and all other areas that other trainees could need.

Our programme is built to challenge you and allow you to make progress, but with the layers of trainee support needed to ensure you have somewhere to turn for any questions or concerns. For more details about our programme, read our Teacher Training Programme blog post.

When you are ready to apply, here is the link that you need.

If you would like to find out more, then attend one of our open events. We meet with you to discuss your questions and concerns and identify what the right option is for you. Book here.

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