Teacher Training Bursary – could I get one?

Are you entitled to a Teacher training bursary? Read on to find out…

That time has Come and the recruitment cycle has opened. Applications are coming in for courses starting in September 2019 and people are beginning to question if teaching is for them. If you are ready to apply, this is the link you need.

One challenge that we all face is can I actually afford another year in training? Well, the DfE (Department for Education) have addressed this issue for you.

There are numerous of options for people to receive a teacher training bursary. These allow you to fully focus on training to become the best teacher that you can be and not worry about finances.

As you will see from the table above, the bursaries are offered at different levels for different subjects and even different amounts within each subject. So, first, it helps to explain how the eligibility works. In order to know what you can receive you need to consider 3 things:

  1.  what is your visa status? If you are a home student or EU student then you are eligible for the bursary.
  2.  what subject are you applying to teach?
  3.  what was the highest classification of your degree (undergrad 1st, 2:1, 2:2. MA or PhD)

Then you look down the column of the subject you want to teach and across the row of the highest qualification level. The box where they meet is your entitlement. Just to reiterate, it is the subject that you will teach, NOT the subject of your degree that counts.

You will see that the subjects that are in the highest demand have the highest bursary attached to them. It does not matter if your degree was a 1st, 2:1 or 2:2 and it does not change what you will receive.

The teacher training bursary is paid in 10 instalments, across the year. You will receive a basic payment each month, and then, if the bursary is above a certain amount, you will receive 2 enhanced payments (January and the month you graduate) with the additional funds. Bursaries are tax-free so you receive every penny of the money.

The other thing worth noting is that there are scholarships available for a number if subjects. These are offered by the professional body of that subject (Institue of Physics, Royal Geographical Society etc). You apply directly to these bodies and they will then assess you. Then, they award scholarships to the teachers that they feel will make a huge impact and that need supporting to really maximise that potential. Whilst I am sure they would love to help all teachers, the reality is that funds are limited. If you are awarded a scholarship then you receive a range of things, such as:

– extra funding

– additional training opportunities

– networking events

– access to resources

– support when looking for jobs

To be awarded a scholarship you will have an interview, complete an assessment of subject knowledge and complete some form of teaching task – presentation, lecture etc. Each awarding body has its own criteria and assesses differently so get in touch to find out more. Do not be put off because you assume your degree is not right, as these bodies are looking for the best teachers, not the most celebrated academics.

If you have looked at your teacher training bursary entitlement and it is not enough for you to survive a year, do NOT despair. There are a number of other funding streams that can be utilised.

Tuition Fee Loans

Maintenance Loans

Dependence Grants

In addition to a teacher training bursary, there are also a number of tax benefits / cuts that you can receive, for example – reduction to council tax.

There are number of other grants that can help, as well. Turn to Us, a national charity are able to guide you to these. Even if your subject does not attract a bursary, you can still access all of the other funding streams. We have recently been working with a PE trainee who was accessing funding from these grants.

Teaching and teacher training is changing. If you want to know about how it is changing and what that means for you, click here.

If you want to know more about receiving a teacher training bursary or anything around finance,  then book to chat to us here www.bookwhen.com/leicesterscitt

These sessions take place in Leicester.

Good luck everyone.

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