How to ace your Virtual Teacher Training Interview:

Times have changed and teacher training is not exception. Interviews are going ahead, but we have had to adapt to ensure that we are all safe. That means that we are completing virtual teacher training interviews. With a new system and process comes new expectation and guidance.

Below, I explain how you can prepare for your interview and put your best foot forwards to secure the offer of a place that you are wanting.


Know the technology – we use Zoom, but you might also use Microsoft Teams or other software. Know what you will be using and you can download it ahead of time.

Set up your account – make sure that your account is ready well before your interview, ideally the day before.

Check you have sound and picture – some laptops have everything you need built in however some require you to use a headset (like you get with a new mobile phone) to have a microphone. You will not be able to nail your interview if we cannot hear you speak.

Work out what options you have – spotlight, gallery view, share screen (and the files it allows you to share).

We will not hold it against you if things go wrong your technology and will absolutely help you fix it, but imagine what’s it will do for your stress levels during what is already a challenging time. So, get things set up beforehand, check everything works and fix any problems ahead of time. This way, you can focus on the important thing, showing us the potential to become a great teacher!!

Background research –

What do you know about the organisation? What are the values or the organisation’s aim? Do you understand what they are trying to achieve. If you know this you can make sure to choose the right training provider to apply to. In the interview, you can show how your values align with ours.

Are you aware of their USPs? – What is it that makes us stand out from other providers?

What skills and qualities do you think makes a good teacher? You need to be clear about what it is that makes a good teacher as then you can explain how you already posses these qualities or how they will develop.

What do teachers do with their time? What sorts of activities do we have to do? We do a lot more than just teach. We need you to be aware of what you are getting in to and so you need to know. Imagine a school day, now remove the teaching hours. What other things do we do?

Why do you want to teach? What journey have you been on up to this point? How has you journey prepared you for this point. Have you gone through adversity and shown resilience? Great. You will be a powerful role model to your students. Do you have passion for your subject that cannot help but shine through? Wonderful, you will help inspire those learners to love your subject.

Know what is expected:

What are you required to prepare – lesson plans, resources, PowerPoint? Make sure that you have thought about how you will demonstrate your subject knowledge, your awareness of the role of a teacher, that you have really considered how to help the students learn something (more on the lesson plan, later)

We want to know about your school experiences or experiences with children

Plan your lesson:

Be really clear about what you want the students to learn.

At the end of the lesson I want them to know … X

The steps they will need to take to do this are 1, 2, 3.

To develop their knowledge or skills i will do … (as the teacher, you are the expert and so should be actively teaching – NOT child centred/discovery learning)

I will offer these resources to help everyone make great progress…

If someone is struggling, i will do this to accelerate their learning…

If someone finishes early, i will do this to stretch and challenge them and deepen their knowledge.

If you are trying to decide who to train with, get in touch and book a (virtual) coffee and a chat.

[email protected]

Hope to hear from you soon.