Trainee Teacher Voice – An Open Letter to Next Year’s Cohort

Trainee Teacher working alongside their mentor

Congratulations on receiving an offer from the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT. I am currently training as a teacher of English with SCITT, and what a year it’s been.

From the age of 16 I have known that I have wanted to pursue a career in teaching, helping the next generation fulfil their full potential and achieve their dreams just like I have. The SCITT have helped me to achieve that. Their continuous support and guidance has helped me to become the teacher I have always wanted to be.

The Coming Year…

The coming year will be tough; you will face challenges along the journey and you will have to manage time effectively to ensure you meet deadlines and remain professional. So here are some tips:

Be reflective:

Don’t be defeated by a bad lesson or poor behaviour. If this happens don’t be disheartened, just consider what you can do better next time; what didn’t work? Why didn’t it work? That’s the key.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help:

SCITT are always there to support you, whether you have personal problems or difficulties with your teaching practice. They give brilliant advice that will really benefit you. Listen to that; this is something that helped me throughout my year.

Use your mentor:

As well as SCITT, your mentor will be great support. They will help you learn and improve your practice throughout your year. Ask them for advice, apply their feedback and allow them to help you grow.

Get a good planner:

Time management is so important during this year. You will not only have deadlines for your PGCE but for SCITT, lesson plans, resources, assessment marking etc. A good planner always helps and a snazzy to-do-list.

BUT know when to stop:

Make sure you have down time. Yes, this year is important and it’s the beginning of an amazing career. However, use your weekends for downtime; make sure you’re still having the life you want, doing things you enjoy.

Most importantly…

Enjoy it! You will meet a range of amazing people throughout this course and you will teach some incredible children that you will always remember. Best of luck with your choice!

Sammie, English Trainee Teacher 2019/20


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