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Leicestershire Secondary SCITT

– What do potential candidates need to know about the SCITT?

​The Leicestershire Secondary SCITT is the BEST option out of ALL of the training routes. First of all, the SCITT route allows for maximum time in schools. Secondly, the wide range of experience that is gained from multiple placements; two main placements along with sixth form and specialist schools, which contribute to building a holistic view of education.

Monday to Thursday are spent at the placement schools and on Fridays we return to the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT base. Fridays are where pedagogy is introduced and we can apply the knowledge from the Friday sessions to classroom practice the following week. It is important to note the pedagogy education is delivered in manageable chunks!

Fridays present the opportunity to reunite with the cohort, where trainees can catch up, share experiences or advice, providing an essential support network.

It is great to share the journey and meet others in the same shoes, there is always someone to talk to!

The SCITT team really make an effort to know you personally and they will always give solid advice!

There is a real opportunity for networking with partner schools as they are always invited for presentations to get us in front of any potential employers.

– What is most exciting about teaching?

  • ​When you experience those ‘light bulb’ moments, when students are able to apply the knowledge you have taught. 
  • The absolute buzz that can be created in the classroom through bouncing ideas and being able to empower children to think about their future!

– What is great about Design and Technology?

​Technology is constantly evolving, after all, the fastest growing area is Artificial intelligence!

Design and Technology provides the opportunity to develop future designers or engineers, tackling current issues such as sustainability and climate change.

Design and Technology…

…involves actively problem solving, including trial and error, which is all part of the design process.

…provides the opportunity to learn in a practical way and develop skills across many disciplines such as metals, wood, textiles, plastics and electronics.

…builds teamwork and communication skills, -skills needed in any workplace!

…can lead to a broad range of careers such as Civil engineers, Architects, Fashion designers, Product designers and many, many, more!

…so many absolutely fascinating cross-curricular links with mathematics, physics, chemistry, Art, ICT, geography and even PE!

I have had the most immense support from my Lead subject tutor, who has been amazing in the development of my subject knowledge and overall influence on my development as a teacher. Prior to starting the course, my Lead subject tutor designed a bespoke, Subject knowledge enhancement course (SKE), which boosted my subject knowledge considerably and instantly made me feel more confident! Especially because I had come from an 8 year career in the fashion industry, a total career change!

During my SKE course, I developed my practical and CAD skills. I had the opportunity to undertake the Non-examination assessment (NEA) at the same time as the GCSE students. Not only did this increase my subject knowledge, carrying out the task meant that I can really emphasise with the students by understanding what they are going through to ultimately know where I can help!

– Why was school based training the right route to train?

​School is the best place to learn, it just makes sense to choose this route. It is vital to get as much experience in schools as you can get! More time to make mistakes, reflect and improve practice!

I have loved the diverse range of placements, it is great for building professional relationships, you are forever networking.

Charlotte Williams, Trainee DT Teacher, 2019/20

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