Trainee Teacher Voice – How has the SCITT supported me?

A recent graduate from Leicestershire Secondary SCITT teacher training working with her DT class

How has the SCITT supported me?

The biggest dilemma I faced before starting my teacher training was choosing the right provider. I decided to choose the SCITT after reading about it and understanding from other people that this was where I would receive the maximum support. This was the most important thing to me as I am someone who has not been educated in the UK and as an outsider with limited knowledge of education system in the UK but wanting to continue my teaching career on migrating from India, I knew I would face a lot of hurdles along the way.

Making the Right Choice

And I am glad I chose the SCITT!! From the minute I walked in for my interview through my SKE to when my teacher training started, I felt supported and guided. Davinder, Craig and Jo are all great people who are always available to listen to any difficulty we might have. When we feel lost and feel things are going wrong, they are just an email and phone call away. And I say this because I have had to face a stressful situation in my personal life and was finding it really hard to balance things and would probably have ended up not doing my PGCE during my first placement but with the right steps put in and understanding from the SCITT, who at the time helped me in taking the right decisions, kept me motivated and is the reason why I am still here.

Am I being supported?

Apart from the emotional, mental and moral support, the Friday sessions at the SCITT are invaluable. We learn so much from the sessions from facilitators who are the best at what they do. Sessions on Direct instruction, behavior management, Mental Health, Lesson planning, Curriculum, dual coding, interleaving etc. have helped me understand the way education in the UK works. Implementation of the strategies provided to us have helped me greatly improve my own teaching practice and helped me develop professionally. Thus, we get the best of both worlds, where we gain practical teaching experience from our placement schools and then develop into highly effective teachers through the Friday SCITT sessions, where we can apply what we learn to our practice in the classroom the following week. Thus, it is a continuous learning cycle, with the learning spaced out throughout the course so it can be implemented successfully in practice.

Taking Care of My Wellbeing

There is also emphasis on wellbeing through provision of mindfulness sessions, yoga, mental health awareness and we get to discuss everything with a great team of other SCITT trainees and the SCITT team. Thus, if you are looking to be the next teacher trainee, I would absolutely recommend the SCITT. And believe me it is one of the best decisions you could take. I did and I love it!!

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