Trainee Voice – My Journey

Trainee Teacher Voice My Journey

My Journey

I wake up every morning, brain a little achy, but eager to begin my day

I’m a learning athlete

A runner

In the midst of an educational marathon

Just passing the 18 mile marker, knowing I’m getting closer.

The finish line is not far

My efforts will get me there.

Not long to go

I have company on my run

They are my cohort

They are my friends

My tutors

My mentors


They cheer me on, they gently encourage

They challenge me to push on

To run smoother, with growing ability

“Hold my hand, we’ll get there together”

Gained confidence

Not long to go

It’s a good feeling

This is my marathon

I am proud to run it

I’m motivated

Focused on my future

Surrounded by learning and positivity.

Not long to go

I collect blisters

I occasionally stumble

Every step is a celebration

Every mile I reflect

My mind elates in the exertion

Not long to go

I will finish

I will succeed

I believe

To teach is to dream

To empower

To rejoice

Not long to go.

My Journey

Laura Stock

Leicestershire SCITT


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