Trainee Voice – Training as a Science Teacher

Training as a science teacher


Training as a Science Teacher – the support we receive from the SCITT as trainees is fantastic, from enquiring about getting into teaching and attending question and answer sessions, to the interview process (can you believe the interview process was actually enjoyable and you felt the support throughout the whole day!), and into the course itself.

The course is intense-in a year you need to develop subject knowledge to enable you to teach effectively up to the end of GCSE-level, and learn how to teach effectively, gathering evidence along the way to show you are meeting the teaching standards!

Thank-goodness the amazing team at the SCITT base are only an email or telephone call away!! I’ve messaged many a time to be reassured all is in fact okay!!

Through the SCITT team and the many inspirational speakers that have delivered sessions we have learnt so much-but for me a highlight of training as a science teacher and the course has been our LST sessions.

Lead Subject Tutor (LST) Sessions

Our LST (Lead Subject Tutor) sessions have been spread throughout the course. It’s a time we split off from the cohort as a whole, into our subject specialist groups, and work closely with subject specialists-fantastic teachers in your field, who work with you to develop your subject knowledge, and extend upon the pedagogical ideas discussed in the full SCITT cohort, and make them relevant to your subject.

Wow Demos

For us training as science teachers, that person has been Simon Mellor; a fantastic science teacher and tutor, who has given up so much of his time to plan brilliant, probing, interactive, fun sessions for us to engage in and learn from.


In science especially, this has been invaluable, as trainees come to the course with a science specialism-biology, physics or chemistry, but, as a science teacher, are required to teach all three disciplines. Therefore, the chance to come together and discuss curriculum content, have a go at required practicals, and learn how to teach them has been extremely valuable!

Get Into Teaching

If you’ve been thinking about getting into teaching, training as a science teacher, then call, email, or pop in to meet the team at Leicestershire Secondary SCITT and talk through your options.

It’s the best decision I made-in this past year I have refined my teaching ability, and developed in confidence and curriculum knowledge thanks to the wonderful support from the whole team!

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