Trainee Voice – Training as a Teacher with the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT

Training as a teacher in the classroom

Training as a teacher with Leicestershire Secondary SCITT is not at all what I had expected. Upon joining the course I was aware of the details such as how many placements we have, a rough outline of how the course runs and what kind of things would be expected of me. But what I didn’t expect was the level of support you have, the friendships you make and really how rewarding it is… and I don’t think anything can prepare you for that.

It can be tough sometimes…

Being completely transparent, it can be tough sometimes. There are lessons that go wrong and things don’t always go to plan but throughout it all I have never felt alone. Training at SCITT means that there is an array of people ready to listen, at the SCITT base, in schools and over email. No matter what it is, someone can and will help you work out what the next steps are, which brings me to my next point…


Of all the many different qualities us trainees posess I’d argue resiliance is the most common and it is so important. Resliance allows you to pick yourself up after a bit of a wobble and carry on. But you don’t have to do this on your own. That’s why we are armed with a strong support system and are even given sessions on wellbeing during training and beyond early on in the course.

Who better than a teacher…

Being a reflective practitioner is key to becoming the best teacher you can be. At the beginning I was overly critical of myself and found it hard to see my strengths. Working with my mentor I began to realise that being reflective doesn’t always mean being critical. It means looking at a lesson and discussing what you and the students liked, what seemed to work and thinking about what can we work on for next time. Call it two stars and a wish, if you’d like. Those “stars” are just as important as the “wish”. Find what works for you and what your teaching style is, whilst being supported by experienced teachers who can help guide the way.

SCITT Fridays…

SCITT Fridays. How can I even sum up what SCITT Fridays are all about? Well, in theory this is the time where you learn about up to date pedagogy so that you can implement it in following lessons. Which is true (and amazing to learn about!), but it’s so much more than that. It’s a chance to check in with your colleagues, think about the week just gone and simply have a chat. We lift each other up and discuss all that we have achieved throughout the past week. The atmosphere is never dull, nor is it quiet, and is always one of the highlights of the week.

Ellie, English Trainee 2019/20

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