Training as a teacher through a SCITT

Learning how to teach in a school, through a SCITT

Training as a teacher is an amazing journey and I believe that a SCITT may be the best way for YOU to train.

SCITTs are set up by schools to create the teachers that schools need by letting you learn in the classroom, and could be the best route for you when training to become a teacher.

What is a SCITT?

SCITT stands for School Centred Initial Teacher Training and I like to think it is a bit like having a university based in a school. By that, I mean:

– We train new teachers
– We offer QTS and PGCE (including masters credits)
– We are research-informed
– We develop you into a subject specialist teacher

But, here is why I think a SCITT may be the best route for YOU to learn to be a teacher – we are based in the school, you learn from teachers who are doing the job and are fabulous practitioners. In all honesty, where better to learn and who better to learn from?

When you learn to drive, you don’t ask a pilot to teach you. If you wanted to become a surgeon, you wouldn’t ask a dentist to teach you. Learning in the classroom, at schools, from practising teachers means you see the teaching actually in practice.

Leicestershire Secondary SCITT – how the course works

At the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT, you get 186 days in school whereas at some Universities, you may only get 120*. Because you have longer in schools, you have more time to build up at your own pace. You have less pressure to race in to teaching. It is a decision for you and your mentor to decide when you are ready.

Begin by observing, doing some small group tasks or working with individuals. Then you might lead some small teaching activities, do some team-teaching with you mentor, plan and lead some retrieval activities to start the lesson, assessment activities and more before you take on a full lesson.

Building up Slowly

Then you get to build up to teaching slowly, first one lesson, then two, building up gradually. You have the time and the luxury of this because you are in schools for a longer period of time. But, you are NOT the teacher, you are there alongside the teacher. They support you, teach you, watch and guide you so that by the end of the year, you are ready to become the teacher.

Extra Time In Schools

The extra time in schools allows us to offer you additional placements – on our course you get 2 placements in secondary schools as well as experiential placements in sixth forms, SEND or SEMH schools and primary schools. This holistic range of placements means you finish your training understanding where your students come from before reaching you in year 7, where they are going after GCSEs and also how to cater for students with additional needs. You have a skill set that prepares you for whatever is thrown at you in your NQT year. Or at least, as much as one year of training can do. But it doesn’t stop there…

Ongoing support

As we are set up by schools, led by schools and driven by their needs, we continue to work with you for years afterwards. Our schools want the best teachers they can get. In order to help you develop and grow into impactful teachers, we offer you ongoing training – NQT training, RQT training, additional courses and educational conferences to help develop you into mentors and continue to grow. Once you are in the SCITT family, you stay in the SCITT family.

We Love Teaching

We love what we do – we are teachers. We don’t want to give it up and that is why we are so well placed to help you. So, give yourself the chance to learn from practising teachers, in schools in a supportive and nurturing environment – Train with a SCITT.

In fact – train with the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT…

To apply to the SCITT, click this link – APPLY HERE


*details correct at time of writing – April 2020