UCAS Teacher Training Application – How to Write a Good Personal Statement

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Teacher Training – how to write a good Personal Statement.

This is a big opportunity to sell yourself, so really take some time & write a good personal statement when applying for teacher training. If you are looking for a school-based provider then click here.

Below I have included some things we look for. This is not an exhaustive list and cannot be as each of you has been on a different journey. Generally, we are looking for the potential to grow into a teacher who can change lives. Read on for some more specifics…

-Why you should teach? what is it that inspired you to want to teach. Who / what inspired you when you were at school. Is this what has inspired you to want to teach?

-How has your journey prepared you to be ready to teach? What are the skills & experiences that will support you when teaching and how have you developed these?

-School experience… Talk about your experiences & how this confirmed your desire to teach. Show you understand the realities of a classroom. We need to know you are making an informed decision & won’t run when you realise you actually have to teach a class…

– Why that subject? You would be amazed at the number of statements that don’t mention the subject they’re applying for!! Are you actually passionate about your subject? If you aren’t, then you will not be able to inspire others to be.

– Gaps in your application? YOU MUST ADDRESS THESE. We read applications everyday and will instantly spot any gaps that are in your application. The best way to address this is to talk about them. Explain what you have already done to address these gaps. Talk about the things that you plan to do or are willing to do to address them in the future. Not only does this show that you are reflective, but also that you are resilient, determined and ready to take on the challenge of teacher training. So, what are you doing/have you done to overcome the gaps? Are you prepared to complete an SKE or have you already booked more school experience?

– BIG TIP – check the spelling & grammar. Not only do you need to demonstrate that you can communicate effectively, but you will also be writing Masters level assignments and we need to know that you are able to write to an appropriate standard. Hopefully, your degree will demonstrate that but do not create a question over your suitability, simply because you have not checked your spelling and punctuation.

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