What is it like to work at the SCITT…?

Working at the SCITT

For the last 12 weeks I have been interning as a Marketing Development Officer at the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT. In the past I’ve had some bad experiences with jobs, so I was sceptical and anxious about working in a field that I love, as I didn’t want to have another bad experience ruin my perception of the industry. However, I wanted to take the next step into the marketing world after graduating from university in July 2019 and decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to see if marketing was for me. So, what is it like to work at the SCITT?

First impressions

When I first visited the SCITT, I was shocked by how different it was to what I had imagined. In my mind, teacher training was tough, serious and honestly something that had never appealed to me. I had an image of trainees sat in silence at desks with their heads buried in work. Instead, I was met by a sea of smiling faces and trainees having a fun, positive experience. The more I got to know about the SCITT and the longer I was there, the more my perception of teacher training changed. I won’t pretend that the SCITT is perfect, as there are always challenges to be faced and teaching isn’t easy. What I will say, is that the SCITT inspires so many people and is ran by a team of the nicest, most caring people you could ever meet. I even found myself imagining what I would be like as a teacher, because that is how much I was inspired by not only the SCITT team, but also the trainees who have so much passion and enthusiasm, even when things get tough.

Challenges and Support

There was one particular time when I was working at the SCITT that I felt overwhelmed and struggled to finish the work I had been agonising over for days. To me, this was an instant failure, and I was worried that this would put me in a negative light with those around me. However, after talking it through with my supervisor Craig, I felt a lot more positive and was able to put that work on hold in order to focus on a new task, which I ended up loving and was really proud of.

Positive Workplace

I’ve never really experienced a positive workplace as there has always been something that made me feel as if I was inadequate, but my experience at the SCITT couldn’t be further from that. From the staff members to the trainees who knew virtually nothing about me, I was welcomed by each and every person there, and watching the training process made me even more appreciative of teachers. I truly feel that working at the SCITT is the best thing I have done. I would go to work feeling excited to learn and develop my skills, and knowing that If I had any kind of problem, whether this be work or home related, there were so many people that I could turn to for help and advice, despite only knowing them for short time.

Changing Lives

It’s clear to me that every trainee at the SCITT will change the lives of so many young minds. Yes, they’ll face challenges and there may be days when they want to quit, but they will be making a difference every day. Before my internship, I hadn’t known that the SCITT even existed, and now I know that if I were to train the be a teacher, the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT is where I’d want to be.

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