What is teaching really like?

What is teacher training really like…?

Exciting, varied, different, dynamic, supportive and so much more…

This image was drawn by one of our amazing DT trainees to capture what it is like working with the SCITT.

“You’ll never feel alone”

I love this phrase and it is so true… “you’ll never feel alone”. The SCITT team knows each and every one of you. We find out your background, your skills, experience , areas for development … who you are and what you want. Then we can help you on your journey to become a great teacher that changes lives.

We are teachers ourselves and so we know exactly what you are going through.

“A new future. A new you”

This is the time when you transform into your best self. You learn how to become the teacher, to build those powerful relationships that change lives and you begin a truly exciting career.

Every day is different and the energy you get from the kids is so rejuvenating. There is nothing better than a student walking into your class and saying “Hi, Sir.” And knowing they are genuinely happy to see you, happy to be there.

“Training in schools”

SCITT stands for School Centred Initial Teacher Training and basically means you earn all the same qualifications as a university led course but in (what we think is) the best place to learn – the classroom, with teachers.

We give you maximum time in schools and the theory, pedagogy and practice is all focused around working with teachers who are at the cutting edge of teaching.

“Achieve team and personal goals”

You are working with great teachers and leaders in their field, as well as your subject groups and the SCITT team. Everyone is collaborating and developing you, so you achieve great things – both team and individual goals. It is an inspiring experience.

“An amazing support network”

You are in it together. The cohort is like a family, you also work in subject groups, your placement school groups and then with the SCITT, as well. You have so many people around you, supporting and working with you that you never feel alone.

“Gain your PGCE and QTS”

Just like at a university, you earn your QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education). This qualifies you to work in schools in this country, as well as overseas. You work at Masters level (Level 7) and earn Masters credits too. But everything is linked to your practice as a teacher. The assignments are focused on how the pedagogy and teaching theory impacts on your teaching and how the students progress. Everything is about developing you, so you have a real impact on your students. Powerful and rewarding stuff!!

“A range of placements to gain valuable experience”

You are in schools really early and gain more time than others courses (Uni Led and School Direct). Because you have extra time, you get to build up slowly and at your pace. By Christmas, you are teaching 7 lessons and by the end of the year, 12 lessons. This is about a half timetable

You start by observing a range of teachers, then you might do some small group work. You will deliver some small class activities, maybe team-teach and, when you are ready, take over 1 lesson. Then you move on to 2 and then 3, developing at the pace that is right for you.

APPLY NOW and start an exciting and rewarding career that changes lives!!