What subject can I Teach.. .?

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What subject can I teach…?

I get asked this question a lot and I instantly have to say that that is the WRONG question.

If you are choosing to train in a subject because you have the right qualifications, then you are going to struggle when the workload builds.

What you should be asking is “what subject am I really PASSIONATE about?”

My Uni tutor once said that she had never known anyone do as much homework as I did and I was really confused. I only did what she asked of us, although, there may have only been a few that actually did it… anyway, she said I was always coming in talking about this book I’d read or seminar I’d watched. I explained that wasn’t homework. I’d chosen something I loved and so explored it in my own time.

When you reach busy times, it’s the passion for your subject and desire to make a difference that gives you the energy to get it all done.

So don’t ask “what subject do I have the qualifications for?” Ask “what do I love and what can I inspire others to love?”

Do not despair if it is not your degree subject, it happens. A solid A Level or experience working in the subject may allow you to access the course.

An SKE may be the answer…

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