Trainee Teacher Voice – Why did I choose teaching?

A female teacher working with students in a break out area

Why teaching?

“You are brave!!”, pat comes the reply when I tell someone I am training to be a secondary school teacher. There is something akin to awe visible in the speaker’s eyes. As I sit there I can already see that in their minds eye they have already conjured up an image of me as a general in full battle gear ready to charge into a waiting army of secondary students who are in turn waiting to charge back at me, a full blown war. But is that the reality?

I often think that it is love, care and the need to nurture which drives you to be a good parent, to be the best you can be so that your child grows up to be the same. Imagine being able to be that role model in the lives of hundreds and thousands of young children day after day, month after month and year after year. Teaching is by no means like walking through a rose garden. We have our share of difficulties along the way. But when you are having the worst day of your life at school and everything seems to be going wrong and you start doubting your sanity for taking up teaching as your career choice, one note saying “thank you miss!! your help made such a difference”, or you are my inspiration, or just seeing that light bulb moment in class when you realise you have made that difference, puts everything back into perspective. Being able to embark on that journey of teaching and learning filled with imagination, discovery and motivation and being able to share the knowledge that you have with young minds and seeing how they process and use that knowledge is the absolute joy of teaching.

For me teaching is an opportunity of not just talking about how we can make the world a safer place but the opportunity to do it. Education is the key to building better communities with outstanding citizens who will have the power to change the world. And knowing you are the one to make that difference in the life of a young person is reason enough to be teaching. Being able to help a child to realise and nurture their hidden talents and aspirations is the essence of teaching and brings with it a sense of reward and fulfillment which cannot be described in words.

Thus, when some tells me I am brave to be taking up Secondary teaching as a career choice, I simply smile and reply, “It was never about bravery, I teach to touch lives.”


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