Why you should become a teacher with Leicestershire Secondary SCITT

Become a teacher with Leicestershire Secondary SCITT and work in great schools

1 – School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)

Our course is built around schools and practising teachers. When you become a teacher with us, you are in the classroom, learning from the experts and seeing what they do to make such a difference to children.

2 – Extra time in school

We give you 186 days of school-based training across 5 different placements and your professional learning in schools. You learn the theory, see it in practice before having a go yourself.

3 – Build up slowly

You start by observing the class, then work with small groups, take on a small part of the lesson and team teach with your mentor. You only take on the whole class teaching when you are ready and then build up slowly.

4 – Theory and practise blended together

On Fridays, you come to the SCITT to learn from teachers. You explore the theory of how to teach and then see it in practice. Then, you are back on placement, where your teacher educator shows how to do this in your subject.

5 – Be supported at every stage

We have built an extensive support network that is around you while you become a teacher. If you need anything, you have your teacher educator, SCITT team, ITT Coordinator, Lead Subject Tutor, Wellbeing Coach, PGCE tutors, the rest of the trainees and more. You are never alone on this journey. Read more about how trainees are supported HERE

6 – Earn QTS and PGCE

Your placements let you earn QTS. We are also partnered with the university of Leicester and they award your PGCE. The best of both worlds.

7 – Lead Subject Tutor (LST) Sessions

A key part of our course is the 18 LST sessions where you work together with an expert teacher to develop your subject specialism.

8 – Teacher Educators

When you are on placement, you work with your teacher educator. They co-plan with you, organise lessons that show you the areas you are working on, model how to do things and then give you feedback so you keep developing.

9 – Employment Opportunities

Schools love to work with our trainees because they know what strong teacher you become. School leaders come and work with you, to develop your interview technique, but also to meet you before another school has recruited you. All of this means our trainees are very quickly employed by local partner schools.

10 – Ongoing Training

When you join the SCITT family you become part of something bigger. We support you before starting the course. There is extensive support during your teacher training year and we continue to work with you for years afterwards.

If you would like to find out more, book to meet us and see why so many people choose to become a teacher with the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT.