The course is the ideal blend of school-based experience along with academic research and study. You will learn from amazing practicing teachers, see what they do and how they chnage lives, whilst also studying the theory behind learning and working towards your PGCE.

Every element of the course is focused on helping you develop into the best teacher that you can be. The academic assignments are interwoven with your teaching practice and are opportunities for you to explore how academic theory helps teachers be more effective and maximise student progress.

5 Placements

You will complete 5 placements across the training year, to provide you the holistic and in-depth training needed to become a great practitioner. 2 of these placements will be substantial secondary school placements, where you will work with your mentor, and a range of other teachers, to see exactly what it takes to be a great teacher and to truly make a difference. In addition, you will complete 3 further placements in primary, sixth form and a special school. You will know where the students are coming from and what knowledge and skills they will have learned during their primary education. You will also understand where the students are heading towards, when moving on to sixth form. As well as this, you will have a bank of strategies for working with any students that have additional needs.

Holistic Programme

This holistic programme will prepare you as much as your ITT year can, so that when you step into your own NQT, you feel ready to really make a difference and face the exciting challenges ahead. The programme and been built to provide ongoing pedagogical training. This means that we teach you the theory one day each week and then you are back on placement putting it into practice. This allows you to really embed each skill as you move throughout the programme.

You will have extensive support on the course. We are teachers, which means we understand what you are going through.  You can watch us teach and we can talk you through the practical strategies needed to overcome challenges.

How The Placement Works

Because you have extra time in school, we are able to tailor each placement to meet your needs. This means that you begin teaching when you are ready and not before. You will begin observing great practice, then you will take some group activities, plenaries or starters. Following this you may do some team-teaching and only take on full lessons when you are ready.

By them end of phase 1 you will be teaching 7 lessons. When you complete phase 2 you will be teaching 12 lessons.  We believe that this gradual build up is crucial as it means that you will be able to manage your workload and cope with the challenges that are faced during teacher training. This means that you quickly learn how to be an effective teacher, which is ultimately what we want – great teachers who are changing lives.

Lead Subject Tutor

One of our unique features is the role of Lead Subject Tutor (LST). These are the greatest expert from each subject from across our entire partnership. Their role is to work with you, across the year, to help regime and develop your teaching practice. In our Core Learning Sessions, you will learn all the basic pedagogy required to teach. Following this, your LST will deliver an advanced sessions demonstrating how you refine this generic pedagogy to really excel within your subject. This really helps you understand how to apply the theory in a real classroom and provides practical examples that you can use straight away.

In addition to all of the support that you receive directly from the SCITT, you are also supported by the University of Leicester. We work in partnership with the University of Leicester and they deliver your PGCE components. When you join the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT as a trainee, you also become a full member of the University of Leicester. This means that you have full access to all of the university’s facilities and resources – tutors, library, welfare, housing etc.

What’s Part Of The Course?

Timeline / Details

With all of these layers of support and excellence, we truly believe that our course offers you a holistic course that offers the best of both worlds – extensive school based training as you earn your QTS. Along with the academic rigor of working with the University of Leicester as you complete your PGCE.

All of the elements on the course are designed to develop and support your in-class practice, so that you develop into am effective teacher who changes lives.