9 Reasons why NOW is a great time to apply to train as a teacher …

one of our mentors helping you to train as a teacher

I believe that NOW is a great time to train as a teacher and here are 9 reasons for this. 1. Teaching is incredibly rewarding As a teacher, you learn something new everyday, you challenge yourself, help people and make the world a better place. Read this blog post to find out all the things you should know when considering … Read More

Trainee Teacher Voice – How has the SCITT supported me?

A recent graduate from Leicestershire Secondary SCITT teacher training working with her DT class

How has the SCITT supported me? The biggest dilemma I faced before starting my teacher training was choosing the right provider. I decided to choose the SCITT after reading about it and understanding from other people that this was where I would receive the maximum support. This was the most important thing to me as I am someone who has … Read More

Changing Career to Teaching – my biggest regret…

A teacher surrounded by excited students

My biggest regret… I spent a number of years deciding IF I wanted to get into teaching and my biggest regret is waiting so long… I get to be part of something bigger, something that has meaning, that changes lives. I did not feel that when working in management, running a business or dealing with more than £10,000,000 turnover… I … Read More

Friday Professional Learning Sessions at the SCITT

Training as a teacher with the SCITT

One of our wonderful DT trainees created a visual to show what it is like learning the teaching theory and pedagogy, on our course at the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT Expert Speakers – Fabulous facilitators come to work with our trainees from Tom Bennet, Tom Sherrington to Ben Newmark as well as local specialists who truly understand the local school system … Read More

What is teaching really like?

What is teacher training really like…? Exciting, varied, different, dynamic, supportive and so much more… This image was drawn by one of our amazing DT trainees to capture what it is like working with the SCITT. “You’ll never feel alone” I love this phrase and it is so true… “you’ll never feel alone”. The SCITT team knows each and every … Read More

How does the SCITT course work?

How does the teacher training course work…? Our course is split into 4 key areas that develop you into an expert teacher: 1) Working with your Lead Subject Tutor 2) Professonal Learning sessions 3) School Placements 4) PGCE1) you work with our amazing subject specialists, who are on hand to show what it means to be a great teacher in … Read More

Teacher Training Myths – SCITTs and School Direct

Teacher training myths

Teacher training can be confusing and there are a lot of teacher training myths. Here, we bust those myths so that you have the information needed to find the best teacher training route for you. Myth 1 – “I WILL BE THROWN IN THE DEEP AND NOT BE SUPPORTED” School-based training gives you more time in schools, which means we can … Read More

Computer Science Teacher Training – An exciting time to become a teacher…

Oculus Rift VR Headset Computer Science Teacher Training

Computer Science Teacher Training has never been more exciting!! There are so many exciting changes happening and the subject is offering great career prospects. Apply here and become a teacher of Computer Science. Here are just some of the exciting reasons to consider Computer Science teacher training: Teacher Training Bursary of up to £26,000 TAX-FREE (click here for more information) … Read More

Teacher Training – 8 reasons to apply NOW…

Teacher Training Interview candidates work together to explore what makes good teaching

Teacher Training- 8 reasons to apply NOW If you are considering teacher training, then you need to think and plan ahead to ensure that you have the time that you need to secure your place. There are lots of factors to take into account and the situation changes throughout the year. 1) All providers have spaces Whether you have chosen … Read More