Teachers are amazing, inspiring and motivating people and it is important that we keep them that way. As they say, you cannot pour from an empty cup…

At the SCITT we value your wellbeing and have built a comprehensive programme to help you prioritise and proactively develop your mental and physical health so that you are truly a ‘well being’. We also know that in any job, there are days when things do not go according to plan and so we have a reactive plan to offer that extra help when it is needed.

By prioritising your health and wellbeing we keep you energised and ready to inspire those young minds that we work with.

Proactive Wellbeing Programme:

  • Wellbeing Training from the very start of the course
  • Building a proactive plan with the SCITT Wellbeing Coach, that maximises your health and wellbeing
  • Weekly wellbeing support and updates
  • Personal Development Days built into the programme for you to use as you need, whether that is catching up on work, seeing family or taking care of your wellbeing
  • SCITT Wellbeing Coaches working with you
  • Adjustments to your training and placements

Reactive Wellbeing Programme:

  • Every trainee is provided a membership to the Education Support Partnership (ESP) Education Assistance Programme (EAP), meaning you have access to free counselling, support on guidance for anything whether teacher related or not
  • Building an ‘Bad Day’ Wellbeing Plan so you have something ready to help you deal, should you have a difficult day
  • Counsellor available through the SCITT
  • Wellbeing Programme through the University of Leicester
  • Making adjustments to training and placements

Teachers do an amazing job and we are incredibly proud of the work we do to keep you fit and well so that you can focus on changing lives.