As our training is very much school-based, you end up completing much more time in schools and become very familiar with the realities of a classroom. Throughout our course you will spend approximately 190 days in schools (compared to 120 from other routes into teaching). This time means that your placement can be tailored to your indicial need and allow you to progress at your own pace. Some trainees begin teaching very early and others much later. This bespoke approach means that you end up making significant progress across the year and are able to have a very successful transition into your NQT role.

Beyond your teacher training year, we continue to support you with an NQT course in year 2 and then in year 3 you have the option of completing the Outstanding teacher Programme (OTP). This ongoing and in-depth support results in many trainees making accelerated progress and rapidly moving on to advanced roles. We have numerous trainees who have become Head of Department, Lead Teachers, Head of Year. For more details of our success stories, see the link below.

Success Stories