We work in partnership with many secondary schools across the city and surrounding areas. One of the reasons that these school become partners of ours is because they know the quality and calibre of trainees that we produce. They want to be part of the journey helping to shape you into the teachers that our schools really need. By being involved in our course they are able to not only create great teachers, but to also see the best teachers coming through and provide you the opportunities to secure a role in their schools. This way the schools are truly serving the students that they work with and providing the best teachers for them, that really make a difference.

When you complete our Core Training, it is delivered in a range of locations. We have our SCITT base at Rushey Mead Academy, however a number of sessions will be delivered at our partner schools. For example, when you are learning about working with students with SEND, this will be delivered in a Special Education school, Ash Field Academy. Your training will be delivered in the best environment to ensure that you work with the greatest experts in the field and that you see how the theory works in practice. This also benefits you when considering which school is th right fit for your ECT role. By that point you have completed a number of placements and even more sessions in different schools and you will begin to recognise which school is the right fit for you.

If you would like further information about our partner schools, then please see our map.

Our Partnership with the University of Leicester – When you become a member of the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT you also become a full member of the university of Leicester and you have access to all of their resources – the LRC, Welfare, Student Support and everything any other trainee would do.
The SCITT deliver your PGCE and this will be accredited by the University of Leicester.
Leicester and Leicestershire Teaching School Hub is based at Rushey Mead Academy.

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