When writing your application the following tips might be helpful:

Be clear in your communication: We are looking for you to model the clear written communication you are supporting pupils to develop. Think about how you are structuring your ideas. It is a good idea to ask someone to proof read your application to check the grammar and spelling. Remember that teachers need to be strong communicators. Make sure your application demonstrates this.

Tell us why teaching: Tell us what it is about teaching that appeals to you. Are there any experiences of great teaching you have been inspired by? What do you think makes a good teacher and explain how you think you can meet this specification.

Tell us why this subject: We want trainees who love their subject and will inspire the same passion for it by their students. What makes you want to teach this subject? What concepts or ideas are you keen to teach? And why?

What makes you want to work with pupils?: Take some time to explain what makes you want to work with secondary school pupils. This could be drawing on any experience you have of working with young people, or other experiences you think are relevant to teaching.

What will make this a success?: What skills, knowledge and qualities do you have that will help you in your training year and beyond? What can you offer to teaching?