Financing the Year – Tuition Fees, Loans and Teacher Training Bursaries


School Direct Training Route: Fees are £9,250 for QTS with PGCE.
School Direct (Salaried) Training Route: £0 for QTS and £1,950 for QTS with PGCE. The £7,250 QTS fees are covered either by the DFE or the employing school

Teacher Training Bursaries 2023-2024

Depending on your chosen subject you may be eligible for a teacher training bursary. This is paid monthly, is not taxable and doesn’t need to be repaid.

Trainees may qualify for:

Biology – £25,000
Chemistry – £28,000
Computing – £28,000
Design and Technology – £10,000
English – £10,000
Geography – £25,000
Languages (MFL) – £25,000
Maths – £28,000
Physics – £28,000
Religious Education – £10,000

To be eligible for a teacher training bursary you need to have an honours degree at 2:2 or higher, a master’s degree or a PhD. You will also need to meet the bursary scheme’s terms and conditions, including being eligible for Student Finance, unless applying for Physics or Languages.

Physics and Languages Teacher Training Bursaries 2023-2024
In languages and physics, trainees starting courses in the academic year 2023 to 2024 will not need to be eligible for student finance to be eligible for a bursary or scholarship. In all other subjects, trainees are only eligible for a bursary or scholarship if they are entitled to support under the student finance criteria.


Chemistry – £30,000
Computing – £30,000
Maths – £30,000
Physics – £30,000
Languages – £27,000

Scholarships are awarded by the professional body of the subject:

Chemistry – The Royal Society of Chemistry
Computing – BCS The Chartered Institute for IT
Maths – Insititue of Mathematics and its applications
Physics – Institute of Physics

Maintenance Loans

You may be eligible for a maintenance loan of up to £12,382 to help with living costs. You can still apply for tuition fee loans and maintenance loans even if you already have a student loan. Receiving a bursary or scholarship does not impact on your eligibility for loans. You only make loan repayments once you are earning. Your loan payments DO NOT increase if you already have a student loan and then apply for funding for teacher training.

Support for Parents

If you have children or caring responsibilities you may be able to get extra financial support through the following grants and schemes

– Childcare Grant
– Parents Learning Allowance
– Adult Dependents Grant

If you have a Disability

You may be able to get support if you are a student and you are disabled, have a learning difficulty or health problems

If you come from Outside England

If you are not a citizen, you could be eligible for a teacher training bursary in Physics and Languages.

In all other subjects, you are unlikely to get help funding your training unless you have permission to live permanently in the UK, for example, under the EU Settlement Scheme. You would also need to meet other eligibility requirements.

To find out more about financial support and/or scholarships, get in touch with us.