What We Look For In You

Below are some of the areas we believe to be crucial to a successful application to the SCITT and thus a great teacher of the future. We will look for these traits right the way through the application process. You can find other key information about what we expect you to have below.

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    Resilience & Determination

    Resilience and determination to succeed both as a trainee throughout the course and as a fully qualified teacher.

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    Strong Subject Knowledge

    Subject knowledge is crucial. Now this could come from a range of experiences – degree, A Levels or industry experience. You do NOT necessarily need a degree that is connected, but you DO need subject knowledge. If there are gaps in this, then you could complete a Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course (SKE) to address this. Even if your qualifications are not connected, there are always ways to help you move towards teaching. Get in touch to find out how we could help.

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    Understanding of Teaching Realities

    Understanding of the realities of teaching and the skills and qualities that a teacher requires to make a difference.

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    Passion To Change Lives

    We need to see is that you have a passion and desire to change lives. You need to understand the realities of teaching and the skills and qualities needed to help shape young minds.

What We Need You To Have

You’ll need GCSE (or standard equivalent) at minimum grade C in English Language or English (Grade C in English Literature only is not considered equivalent), Mathematics and Science Subject (if you want to teach primary).

A UK first degree (or equivalent qualification). A strong level of subject knowledge is required to be an effective teacher. For this, we look for you to have a relevant qualification – this could be a degree OR and A Level. Alternatively, some Professional Qualifications may be considered equivalent to degrees (Eg Accounting Qualifications).

Ideally, trainees will have a 2:2 classification or better, but we understand that a piece of paper does not reflect the value that you would add to the teaching profession and therefore will consider degrees of all outcomes. If you have not yet secured your degree outcome, we may offer you a conditional place based on predicted degree classifications.

For further information, please visit Get Into Teaching.

The Skills Tests are NO LONGER a requirement. The horrible PASS / FAIL exam style assessment, capped at 3 tries has gone and has been replaced by the Fundamental Proficiency. All training providers are required to assess your proficiency in Literacy and Numeracy. This new assessment is designed to check if you posses the required skills that all teachers need –

Can you use data and understand what this tells you about your class?

Are you able to plan a day trip, organise times and stick within a given budget?

Are you able to communicate effectively and in a way that students will be able to understand?

If you are not able to reach the required level at the time of assessment, then there are units that will teach you the required knowledge.

This is primarily aimed at anyone looking to change their career who has three or more years work experience, but we will consider exceptional candidates who don’t meet these criteria (for example, if you have eighteen months highly relevant work experience). Please note, this only applies to maths, physics, chemistry, modern foreign languages and computing.

We don’t offer conditional places for this programme, so you’ll need to have gained all your relevant entry qualifications before you apply.

As part of our shortlisting and interview process we ensure that all applicants are highly suitable to work with children and young people.


Prior experience in schools is not required. However, where you have been able to gain experience in schools this can be very beneficial. You may be eligible to apply for classroom experience through the Department for Education School Experience Programme (SEP) – you’ll need to register with the Department for Education first.

DfE School Experience Programme


Follow this link for more information on the interview process at the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT and how you can begin to prepare for this.

Interview Process

Preparation Advice

If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend an interview day at the SCITT or one of our partner schools. You will need to bring with you: Photo ID documentation, Birth Certificate, Address ID, Original GCSE and Degree certificates and any relevant A Levels to the subject you are applying to teach.