‘Monolingualism is the illiteracy of the 21st century’ British Academy, August 2019

Never has there been a greater need to provide our future generations with the tools to broaden horizons, develop cultural awareness and maintain a competitive edge on the international stage.

A teacher of Modern Foreign Languages does not simply teach. Here at the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT we provide our trainees with the skills to ignite a spark in students, bringing the outside world into the classroom using innovative techniques and the latest in pedagogical thinking. We invite you to be part of an exciting journey which;

  • Will provide great career opportunity in an area experiencing acute shortages
  • Offers government funding to upskill non-specialist MFL speakers to become formally skilled – CLICK HERE to find out about SKEs and how you could be paid up to £175 per week to learn a new language
  • Offers access to professional learning hubs sharing best practice, which means that you will continue to develop, share ideas and resources and collaborate to deepen the impact on our students
  • Free CPD opportunities – Teacher Subject Specific Training Courses (TSSTs) are course paid for by the government to support Modern Foreign Languages teachers to learn a new language.
  • Provides access to subject expertise from teachers at the forefront of innovation
  • We will train you to teach your subject specialism in a highly rewarding subject area where foreign school excursions create lasting memories whilst bringing history to life
  • Will contribute towards providing our country with generations with the correct skill sets. A survey of employers by the CBI and Pearsons found two thirds of businesses saying Foreign Language skills are important amongst their employees particularly in building relations with clients, customers and suppliers

We have the opportunity to open a world of possibilities to the amazing young people we teach. We show them that there is more to this world that what surrounds them and then provide the skills to go an experience new countries, new cultures, a new way of life…

If you would like to find out more about training as a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages, then book to meet the team – CLICK HERE