Geography is an unparalleled subject in the way in which it offers such an extensive variety of topics which help to shape an awareness between people, communities and the natural world. Teaching a subject which enables and supports young people to deepen their thinking and understanding through a range of lenses – analytically, socially, economically, environmentally and politically is a fantastic opportunity to show students the impact and influence they have on the world around them.

Geography is unique in the way it enables a teacher to make connections with the students through the relevance of the subject itself, from a common interest in disasters and how they are managed to more localised issues such as flooding or immigration – it gives a teacher the opportunity to deliver the curriculum in a way that can be accessed and interesting to all, whilst encouraging young people to have important conversations and debates.

Training as a geography teacher with the Leicestershire Secondary SCITT offers a holistic approach to teacher training, combining hands on school experience with the academic training from experienced professionals with a variety of specialism. One aspect that particularly appealed to me when deciding where to train was the allocated LST time. Each course has a lead subject tutor whose wealth of specific expertise are centred around your chosen subject. This has been invaluable whilst training to teach; having an experienced Geography teacher with extensive experience, knowledge and networking connections has helped develop our teaching skills through researched pedagogy whilst continuously developing our subject knowledge and skills.

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The multitude of topics covered in Geography enables a Geography teacher to not only find a relatable interest in pupils but to also bring the subject to life through its relevance and fundamentally, empowers young people to make those connections between people and their environments.

The course has well equipped me for my NQT year and I am excited to help students realise their potential and ultimately, their importance to the world around them with an appreciation for different viewpoints and cultures and a determination to shape a better future for all.

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